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Feb 2021~ Open Source

software developmenteducation is a digital guide to help peruvian people to elect their vote in 2021. You'll find information about all candidates running for Congress, President and Andean Parliament.


Open Politica


Front End Software Engineer
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March 2021~ 2 months


My portfolio has transformed over the years - from a PHP site, to static HTML & CSS site, to CRA, and finally to Next.js. My personal site provides a platform for my writing and to showcase my latest work.




UI UX Designer & Front End Dev
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Linting in TypeScript using ESLint and Prettier


Article: LogRocket

Linting in TypeScript using ESLint and Prettier

As developers, we usually start a project by adding some configurations and scripts for linting, then formatting and type checking for our codebase syntax and style.

Post by Paul Ccari

Essential concepts you need to know about React


Essential concepts you need to know about React

I've been using React for a couple of years now but when I started learning it I didn't pay too much attention to what React does for me, like what React abstracts through its API and why do I need to use JSX to build components, or why do we need Babel and so on. So if you're starting learning React or working with it, you might find this post helpful to know about core concepts.

How to become a better learner as developer


How to become a better learner as developer

When I started learning how to code, I looked for many online resources such as blog posts, youtube videos, online courses, and I used to take them and do the same thing they were doing and then jumped to another resource to do the same over and over again.

Everything you need to know about Styled Components


Everything you need to know about Styled Components

After a couple of years, a new paradigm of CSS-in-JS appears and tries to solve these problems to construct and manage our styles in a component-specific manner to allows us to create custom, exportable components. One of them is Styled Components, it provides us many cool features to style our React components.

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