About me

Here's my story.

I'm a Front-End Developer, UI UX Designer, and content creator who has a passion for learning and building my knowledge at the intersection of design and engineering.

Currently I work at Emurgo as a Front-end Software Engineer, I'm building an Instagram community in FrontendUI where I help people to code and design, I write about my findings on my blog and post helpful tech-related tidbits on Twitter.

My curiosity and self-taught personality are what helped to keep him up-to-date on the latest technologies and being interested ineverything. I'm motivated by building digital products that people enjoy and can be used to improve their lives.

Some things to note.


  • Launched updated portfolio 2021

    Launched my new portfolio using Next, Chakra UI, MDX and deployed on Vercel.

  • Contributed to Open Politica

    Started collaborating in an open source web project to help Peruvian people to elect their vote in 2021.

  • Joined Ultraspeaking

    I participated in Ultraspeaking Cohort to gain self-confidence, clarity, stop overthinking and enjoy more speaking.

  • Mentoring

    In January, I started to help more people with coding challenges related to Front-End.


  • Started a blog

    In July, I decided it was time to start sharing what I've learning over the years.

  • Started learning more about Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

    I started reading, watching, consume online content about Blockchain and Crytocurrencies to work with it.

  • Started new job at Emurgo

    Joined Emurgo as a FrontEnd Engineer and started working remotely for the first time.

  • Launched updated portfolio 2020

    Launched my new portfolio version using React, Styled Components, Contentful and deployed on Netlify.


  • Started new job at Disnovo

    Joined Disnovo as a Front-End Developer and UX UI Designer.

  • International Exchange in USA

    Participated in an international exchange program to work abroad for over 4 months.

Do you want to check out my previous portfolios during these years?

  • V4.0 (Current) Release in 2021

    React, NextJS, MDX, ChakraUI

  • V3.0 Release in 2020

    React, Webpack, Contentful CMS, Styled Components

  • V2.0 Release in 2018

    HTML, CSS, JS, Parcel

  • V1.0 Release in 2017

    PHP, HTML, Jquery, Bootstrap

Email me atpaulclindo@gmail.com

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Lets Talk!

I am always open to collaborate, build cool stuff, or help with coding challenges. Feel free to drop an “Hi or Hola” back, or just writing me a tweet, or sending me an email.

Plus, you can follow me onFrontendUIwhere I keep creating content about front-end stuff.

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