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January 10, 20213 min read

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Why is this relevant?

  • Our industry is ever changing so there's always something to learn
  • Better foundational knowledge
  • You'll waste less time
  • You'll retain information for the long term
  • You'll be a great teacher

1: Focus

  • Focus on one topic at a time

  • Focus on a few learning materials at a time

  • Learn in a distraction free zone (if you can)

    (Put away your phone)

2: Pomodoro Technique

  • To tackle procrastination
  • Create focused and productive study sessions
  • Using this technique can help you get more out of less

3: Take Breaks

  • Take short breaks during study sessions
  • Add some light physical activity into your breaks

4: Get some rest

  • Don't skip out on sleep to get more studying done

  • Avoid cramming if you can (not try to learn a lot very quickly before an exam)

    you will end up studying to remember rather than studying to understand.

    With so much material to study in a short amount of time, their brain doesn’t have a chance to absorb or make lasting connections about what it is learning.

5: Take Good Notes

  • Only highlights key information
  • Put information into your own words
  • If possible prefer hand-written over typed (if it helps you to retain more info)
  • Use illustrations and metaphors (It helps you to bring them down to human level, you can relate them to thing that you're familiar) Watch: Maggie Appleton's talk about visual metaphors.
  • Use active recall: Act of recalling information like a question-and-answer format
  • Do what works for you: Find your learning style

6: Apply What You Learn

Start small, cus they are intimidating

  • Make direct application of what you're learning by building projects
  • Code along with whatever courses or videos you're watching
  • Curious about a certain behavior? Test it out!

7: How to Learn In Public

  • Write articles about what you learn
  • Stream build projects on stream
  • Share what you're learning on social media

8: Do the hard stuff

  • Try to solve hard problems
  • Take a break
  • Try again
  • Ask for help

9: Be Consistent

  • Practice consistently (not meaning everyday)
  • Try #100DaysOfCode

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